Bob & Jay’s Top 20 List from the 2013 Bike MS Tour Weekend

men standing next to each other

20. The buzz around town on Monday morning after the ride. Not surprising since Howard’s Team was covered crossing the finish line by every local news station.

19. All of our first year riders wearing their Howard’s Team jerseys, many for the first time.

18. Everyone sporting Jim McCabe Memorial Ride Patches, paying tribute to my dad.

17. Tim Salmon, MS Champion, feature interview for the Bike MS Tour promotional video.

16. All of our ride marshals representing the team well, including a 20 member strong support crew completing a professional tire change and bike cleaning in record time for a fellow rider (nicknamed The Swarm).

15. Suzy’s Kids (our members from Orange County) and the Tuff Puffs recruiting several new riders and making a positive impact on the team.

14. Howard's Team Lego Trophies, Candle Ceremony, and the entire Awards Dinner.

13. Breea and Michelle sharing their positive update and plans to join Howard’s Team in 2014.

12. Lucinda Harton and Jess Doyle serving as an inspiration to all riders and winning the Rookies of the Year Awards (White Jersey).

11. Glenn Arnold retaining the Top Fundraiser Award (Green Jersey) in grand style raising $19K, doubling his fundraising total from last year, and earning the Top 5 Fundraiser of the entire event.

10. Jim Heaton winning the Most Courageous Rider Award (Polka Dot Jersey) and the story of how he donated the components from his bike after a crash so a fellow teammate could ride in the Bike MS Tour.

9. Leah & Tim Salmon honored as the Howard Gray Most Inspirational Riders (Rainbow Jersey) and leading us across the finish line on Sunday.

8. Catherine Gallagher riding across the finish line with the team after a tough year of rehab from an early season crash.

7. Karen McCabe (my mom) winning the Yellow Jersey auction, then giving it to Diane Smith, MS Champion.

6. Diane Smith describing wearing the Yellow Jersey as “feeling like a superhero.

5. Stephen Gray’s commitment to a $10,000 donation to Howard’s Team.

4. Howard's Team raising over $100,000 before the start of the ride, and on track to raise $150,000, making significant progress toward achieving The Million Dollar Bargain.

3. Shaking hands and congratulating my teammates at the Sunday finish line.

2. Hearing the stories from our MS Champions further reinforcing the purpose of our mission.

1. Riding for all of our Howard’s Team MS Champions and everyone impacted by MS.