Donate to our Team

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Jay McCabe, Co-Captain Howard's Team, makes his annual ask for direct support of the team encouraging everyone to join or renew their "Official" membership.  The quotes are to emphasize that this program is totally optional.

Watch the 2-Minute Video to learn more:

We use the money to execute on our three Rs (Recruit = Grow our Team; Retain = Have a fun, supportive and inspiring environment; Resources = Raise money for the MS Society). Some of things we purchase include postcards, website hosting, and team awards.

This year we have invested in a new program called “Champions Rise Up."  This is a special jersey and patch designed by our MS Champions so they can unite with other MS Champions in the community. The support you provide through our “Official” membership makes this possible.

Whether you donate $20, $50, or $100, you will receive personalized Howard’s Team business cards, permanent name badge, and a lapel pin. 

Consider renewing, or becoming, an “Official” member of Howard’s Team today. Click on left side tab: Support Howard’s Team.