Howard’s Team – Introducing MS Champion Susan Reid

A man standing next to a bike

Howard’s Team is pleased to welcome Susan Reid to the team as our newest MS Champion.

Diagnosed with MS in 2006, Susan has participated in Bike MS: Bay to Bay 15 times. Susan’s original participation, prior to any connection to MS, was on a “whim” to meet one of her best friends at the top of Torrey Pines on Day 2. Since her diagnosis, the annual ride has become much more meaningful and important.

On the professional side, Susan is a public relations and media operations consultant. In the early 2000s, Susan worked at Elite Racing/Competitor Group, which owns the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. There she met co-worker Mary Storm who encouraged Susan to get into cycling. While both have moved on to other companies, they have remained good friends and cycled hundreds of miles around San Diego. This is fortunate for Howard’s Team. Mary joined Howard’s Team in 2022 and invited Susan to join the team this year.

Susan said, “All those years riding Bay to Bay, I always saw the massive Howard’s Team, in the BRIGHT yellow jerseys. I wondered, ‘who ARE those people?!?!”

On behalf of the entire Howard’s Team Family, welcome to the team! We are so happy to have you join us.