Thank you OfficialMembers; Renew / Participate Today

A group of people standing next to each other under a tent

Thank you to everyone on the team who participated in our “Official” Membership Program in 2012.  Your contributions helped us grow our team and create a positive experience.

Consider renewing in 2013 or becoming an “Official” Member for $20 at:

For those unfamiliar with our “Official” Membership Program, it is a simple way for you to help us recruit more members and raise a little money to fund those efforts.  It’s completely optional and you are welcome to join us at any team events or rides anytime.
As an “Official” Member of Howard’s Team you will receive:

  • Personalized Howard’s Team business cards
  • Lapel pin
  • Permanent name badge to be worn at all team dinners and events
  • Good Karma