Howard’s Team – Introducing MS Champion Brenda Esposito

Howard’s Team is pleased to welcome Brenda Esposito to the team as our newest MS Champion.

Brenda’s unpredictable journey with MS began in 2005 when she started experiencing symptoms such as slurred speech, headaches, loss of color vision and hearing, along with tingling, and numbness. Four years later, a doctor confirmed her MS diagnosis.

Despite the challenging news, Brenda made a conscious decision to enjoy life with her family and friends. She was determined to minimize the impact MS had on her life. As a result, she shared her diagnosis with very few people, stayed focused on work, and made travel a priority.

On the travel front, Brenda has kept busy visiting a lot of places, including:

– Riding a wave runner in the Caribbean Sea visiting Turks/Caicos
– Horseback riding in Northern California while visiting San Luis Obispo, Moonstone Beach, and Big Sur
– Hiking National Parks and Monuments including Devils Postpile, Zion, Lake Powell, Sequioa, and The Grand Canyon
– RV camping in Lake Tahoe, San Elijo State Park, and South Carlsbad State Park
– River rafting on the America River
– More wave runner and horseback riding

In short, Brenda has been busy enjoying life.

Overall, Brenda was doing well managing her MS until December 2022. That’s when she slowly lost central vision in her left eye. Early in 2023, an MRI confirmed optic neuritis in her left eye, along with other areas of concern.

Thankfully, Brenda has shown some improvement. While not perfect, the central vision in her left eye has come back and she can once again see letters on the eye chart. In an optimistic tone, Brenda said, “I am encouraged by the improvements in my left eye and thank goodness my right eye is strong.”

Brenda’s story reminds us of the words of Howard Gray who always says, “I may have MS, but MS doesn’t have ME!”

Brenda – You are a role model for all of us to live life to the fullest. On behalf of the entire Howard’s Team Family, welcome to the team! We are so happy to have you join us.